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Journal of the American Chemical Society 誌に掲載

We demonstrate Markovnikov hydroalkoxylation of unactivated alkenes using alcohols through a triple catalysis consisting of photoredox, cobalt and Brønsted acid catalysts under visible light irradiation. The triple catalysis realizes three key elementary steps in a single catalytic cycle: 1) Co(III) hydride generation by photochemical reduction of Co(II) followed by protonation, 2) metal hydride hydrogen atom transfer (MHAT) of alkenes by Co(III) hydride and 3) oxidation of the alkyl Co(III) complex to alkyl Co(IV). The precise control of protons and electrons by the three catalysts allows the elimination of strong acids and external reductants/oxidants that are required in the conventional methods.
DOI: 10.1021/jacs.2c00527